• To help students to form an understanding and appreciation of the complex world and to help them realize their actual intellectual, physical and social potential, to the fullest.
  • To prepare a new generation of skilled and ethical professionals by providing excellent academic programmes having a strong practical slant, so as to help individuals excel in a highly competitive world market.
  • To offer innovative, hands-on skills and instil in students an orientation towards research through constant interactions with public and private organizations within India and abroad.
  • Through academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, to produce leaders who are capable of leading from the front, leaders who don’t only adapt rapidly to change around them but also activate change for others to follow.
  • To emphasize high quality at the undergraduate, post-graduate and professional levels by leading and dedicated academicians and faculty.
  • To introduce healthy, state of the art teaching practices by organizing faculty development programmes.
  • To further the cause of the linguistic minority – Sindhis – so that they remain at the forefront of all developmental activities in the country without in any way diluting the multi-cultural ethos of a pluralistic, secular society.
  • To maintain a united, focused and effective internal governance so that each college understands and fulfils the mission of the Board and realizes its vision.

The Trustees, Executive Committee, Principals, Staff and Students of the HSNC Board are dedicated to accomplishing this mission and pledge their individual and collective efforts in determining that the Board shall continue to be among the prominent institutions of higher education throughout the world.